World music series in the Akropolis Palace in Prague.

An all year round extension of the RESPECT FESTIVAL. Production: Rachot Production. Spolupořadatelem jsou Městská část Praha 3, Hlavni město Praha a Respekt.


Respect Plus 2010 - Program

27. 1. 19:30 Mahala Rai Banda Palác Akropolis
17. 2. 19:30 Tartit Palác Akropolis
15. 3. 19:00 Fanfare Ciocarlia Palác Akropolis
6. 5. 19:30 Amsterdam Klezmer Band featuring Alec Kopyt Palác Akropolis
13. 7. 19:30 The EX & Ililta Band Akropolis
14. 9. 19:30 Besh o'droM Palác Akropolis
21. 9. 19:30 Boris Malkovsky Palác Akropolis
13. 10. 19:30 Parno Graszt Palác Akropolis
6. 11. 19:30 Cheikh Lô Palác Akropolis
24. 11. 19:30 Triaboliques Palác Akropolis
Mahala Rai Banda

Mahala Rai Banda / Rumunsko

27. 1. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

Shaped in the Gypsy ghettos around Bucharest, Mahala Rai Banda (literally Noble Band from the Ghetto), combines a surprising array of trends and styles. Once you delve down into the history of the place, surprise gives way to fascination as all the pieces slowly fit together.

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Tartit / Mali

17. 2. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

Nothing is more evocative of the fascinating expanses of the Sahara desert than the music of Tartit, a Tuareg band consisting of five women and four men residing in the Timbuktu region.

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Fanfare Ciocarlia

Fanfare Ciocarlia / Rumunsko

15. 3. - Palác Akropolis, 19:00 / Respect Plus

The fastest gypsy brass band comes to introduce their first live album and collection "best of gypsy brass".

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Amsterdam Klezmer Band featuring Alec Kopyt

Amsterdam Klezmer Band featuring Alec Kopyt / Nizozemí, Ukrajina

6. 5. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

With their talented musicians, the Amsterdam Klezmer Band (AKB) is an energetic and poetic stage act that charms international audiences. Their refreshing approach to Klezmer and Balkan music transcends the traditional aspects of this music and results in a very lively mix of Eastern-European sound. Since its foundation in 1996 by saxophone player Job Chajes, the band has evolved rapidly. In no time the band became world-famous in Amsterdam for its many vibrant performances on the streets, in the parks and in the pubs.

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The EX & Ililta Band

The EX & Ililta Band / Holandsko, Etiopie

13. 7. - Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

The EX, Dutch 'experimental trance-dance avant-afro-punk improv' trio with a long history of cross-cultural projects (Konono No 1 from Congo, Getatchew Mekurya from Ethiopia), have chosen this time one of the leading talents from the vibrant club scene of Addis Ababa. Singer and masinqo (one-string fiddle) player Chalachew Ashenafi draws from the deep tradition of the Azmaris, Ethiopian minstrels/poets/improvisers, and is also recognized as the brightest hope of the new generation emerging after the collapse of the Mengistu regime.

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Besh o

Besh o'droM / Maďarsko

14. 9. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

Boris Malkovsky

Boris Malkovsky / Izrael

21. 9. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

Parno Graszt

Parno Graszt / Maďarsko

13. 10. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus

Cheikh Lô

Cheikh Lô / Senegal

6. 11. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus


Triaboliques / UK

24. 11. - Palác Akropolis, 19:30 / Respect Plus